Starting a new digital news and information service in a news desert or greenfield market? Here is a complete solution that is easily implemented and guaranteed to cover your needs.

The need for relevant content

Local media companies are increasingly being closed down or turned into “ghost papers” due to declining resources, resulting in rapidly expanding “news deserts” with little or no local journalism and relevant local information. This is happening despite the fact that we are spending more and more time on media consumption in general. We know that there is a craving for hyperlocal content - content that is relevant to me, in my own neighborhood. The Innocode Local Media Bundle is created to make it easy and profitable to provide your readers with personalized, relevant, hyperlocal news and information in a highly scalable manner.

Innovative solution developed in collaboration with international media organizations

The Innocode Local Media Bundle has been developed in collaboration with leading local media companies all over the world. The key words are relevance, personalized content and simple, flexible technical solutions. We have gathered everything we know about the  fundamentals of a successful local media operation in one bundled package: Web, News app, advertising solutions, user generated content, content aggregation and event calendar, all packaged in one integrated solution.

10 local sites launched in one year

Torstar in Ontario, Canada needed to develop a presence in greenfield markets throughout their home province. Choosing the Innocode Local Media Bundle made it possible to launch  10 new local media sites in 10 cities in under a year. Strong local portals that support their communities and have become an important part of residents' everyday lives through a steady stream of relevant and personalized content.

The Innocode Local Media Bundle:

- Web: Cost-effective WordPress publishing environment for editorial content
- News app for iOS & Android
- Community solution for user-generated content
- Advertising / SoMe hybrid solution for local companies
- Calendar for local events
- Solution for life milestones & buy/sell

The contents of the bundle can be tailored to publisher needs. We are CMS-agnostic and can easily integrate with any CMS.

Media Bundle

Torstar launches 10 hyperlocal news brands in less than a year

Full case

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