Full workflow from creation to submission, moderation, presentation, and monetization.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, – all important moments for the individual and your readers. This recently launched platform streamlines creation of new products, presentation, registration, billing, moderation and publication on beautiful widgets and as print ads.

We’ve worked really hard to make this as inexpensive, seamless and special as possible. Really proud of how every single department at The Dallas Morning News chipped in to get us from zero to product in a couple weeks. And big props to Innocode for accommodating on a ridiculous deadline.

Mike Orren Chief
Product Officer, The Dallas Morning News


Innovative graduation greetings during Covid

Full case here
  • The startup mistakes that lead you towards failure

    The road to a successful startup is littered with stumbling blocks. However, some people still manage to succeed. After more than ten years as a development partner for numerous successful startups, we have noticed some missteps that increases the chance of seeing the project as a burning wreck in the digital ditch. Here is our guide for those who want to fail quickly and efficiently.

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