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Create Relevance

We are technology and communications professionals who create products and solutions for media and content providers.

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What we do?

Digital development, operations and support

We have broad experience in creating digital solutions that users love. We have worked with some of the Norway's best entrepreneurs and have developed digital products for thousands of people to use daily.

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Digital media products

In order for you to be able to build loyalty and create new revenue streams, we have developed a number of tools that will open up a whole new world for you.

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The latest news from your predefined sources, all filtered to create higher user relevance.

Today anybody can publish their own content. This has created a rich environment of local content sources that can be aggregated and presented to your audience.

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Take ownership of local events

Aggregate and present events from local and regional organizations. Create high user value and new revenue streams.

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User created moments. Presented by you

Highly flexible platform for user created content categories such as classifieds and greetings. Full workflow from creation to submission, moderation, presentation, and monetization.

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Reclaim ownership of user-generated content

A new way to create value for you, the user and local communities. Collect and present highly relevant content from self-publishing services and content created on the platform.

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Some of our media customers
Who we are

It is not all about technology. It is about relevance.

Innocode started with a vision to create new opportunities to a media industry in disruption. We are now an international team of technology and communications experts who deliver high customer value offering the media industry and international organizations innovative solutions. In a market of rapid change, the need to stay relevant is constant. We know how to engage users, how to make workflows simpler and how to create attractive new revenue streams. Innocode’s solutions create meaning – for our clients who utilize the possibilities and for their users in their daily life.

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