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The Citizen App is an easily manageable and dynamic direct channel between residents and the municipality. In the app, information, services, and data are gathered in one place, with minimal administrative handling.

To be sufficiently relevant for frequent use, the Citizen App also includes local organizations, associations, volunteers, and local event organizers in the municipality's vicinity.

The Citizen App has fundamentally changed our communication. Instead of primarily posting unsegmented information in social channels, where algorithms heavily reduced visibility, we now ensure that information reaches narrow, hyper-relevant segments among the residents, directly from the cities operations.

Anette Dey
Communication Manager, Frogner District, City of Oslo


Diverse information-needs: Every citizen is unique and has different requirements for receiving information and getting engaged. Therefore, we place great emphasis on personalization. This means that we make it easy for the municipality to personalize communication in the Citizen App so that the content is relevant to every specific target group and interest.

Communication-challenges in the City -
do you recognize this?

High user demands and a diverse target audience. Most people expect fast, practical, and innovative services and are becoming increasingly tech-savvy. With a wide range of target groups and needs, it's challenging to deliver the right information at the right time.

Intense competition. Most people have a hectic daily life, and there is an enormous battle for our attention. Social media, family, social life, children's activities, dinner – the municipality's information is rarely a priority.

Limited control without an owned outbound channel. Many municipalities face challenges in reaching their residents and find that their own websites, combined with social media, offer little control over who receives the information and when it reaches them.

Innocode's platform with the Citizen App as the main channel provides solutions to the most common problems municipalities encounter, in their efforts to reach residents.

Sondre Andersen, Sandefjord Sondre Andersen
Chief Digitalization Officer, City of Sandefjord

Case: City of Sandefjord

Hyper-relevant communication creating the municipality's primary channel within a year of launch."


Together, we are building a strong channel for local visibility

Most people, of all ages, want to know what’s happening in their community. That’s why we offer tools that gather events and news from associations, sports teams, and cultural life.

Solutions for event management and news dissemination – for the associations and all actors in civil society, making it easy to publish content directly in the Citizen App.

Gather the community


Real-time data generates daily users & loyalty.

Is the bridge in the center open for traffic or not? Current water temperature at the beaches? Are there available charging stations for your car right now? Our data visualizations from central and local data sources provide resident benefits from the first second, in the app!

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