WEBINAR | Thursday, February 22nd 11-11:45 am


Event Highlights:

  • Topic: Engaging people in local sustainability
  • Ida Hillebjörk shares experiences about engaging communication from Umeå kommuns project "The good life in the climate neutral city"
  • Lars Olov Andersson presents Stockholm vatten och avfalls case from Norra Djurgårdsstaden: How an app can affect people's choices in a new city district

About the Webinar

Sustainability can be more than just a buzzword; it can be local, concrete actions. Join us for this webinar as we explore the intersection of sustainability, community participation, and green choices. We believe that change is only achievable when it's facilitated through effective communication and collaboration.

Our discussion will focus on:

  • The essence of sustainability, including community involvement and eco-friendly choices.
  • The role of nudging and inspiration in driving change, without resorting to fear.
  • How a sense of community fosters hope and belief in the potential for change.
  • The critical role of involvement in healthy change processes, including user participation and grassroots initiatives.
  • Building bridges between businesses, residents, and volunteer organizations for sustainable projects.
  • Different ways to reach resonance in our audience; nudging, physical meetings, personal involvement, what is most efficient to create personal ownership of the problems?

Did you miss part one?

No worries, you don´t have to have seen the first one to follow along in the second, but if you are curious, here is a recording:

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