Reclaim the local newspapers position as the place to catch up on the latest offers from stores and businesses in the community. Most of these ads are long gone, and the money goes to the big digital players.

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With Innocode Local Offers you can offer a subscription based access to a hub of local deals and offers, providing access to your audience at an affordable price. Local stores and businesses love being in full control of which ads are shown in the newspaper, and the ability to test performance and change offers on the fly.

Easy access and simple updates for relevant ad-content, close to your local businesses.
Proven value proposition for local businesses that is has not used your digital products before!
More than 60 publishers across the Nordics and Europe report that these widgets deliver much better than other ad-options with the same positioning!
Easy set-up and installation. Your widget live in a couple of days!

It's a really great tool that you've built, we've been looking for a hyper-local ad-tool like this for a long time.

Georg Burtscher
Managing Director, Russmedia - Austria's leading regional publisher
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Innocode Local Offers at >

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