You easily create new categories, with full flexibility on the appearance, the submission forms, the ads online and in paper, and the pricing. Customers are clearly shown both online and paper versions before submitting and paying. All export is automated and easily integrates with your print system. The setup is typically done within a couple of days after domain and name is chosen.

Revenue depends on pricing and placement of the widget on the front of the online newspaper and in the printed version.

Innocode Classifieds gave us 50% growth in the first 3 months after launch and the work involved is reduced to a few minutes.

Stein Olav Sivertsen Stein Olav Sivertsen
CEO, Hitra-Frøya
  • The startup mistakes that lead you towards failure

    The road to a successful startup is littered with stumbling blocks. However, some people still manage to succeed. After more than ten years as a development partner for numerous successful startups, we have noticed some missteps that increases the chance of seeing the project as a burning wreck in the digital ditch. Here is our guide for those who want to fail quickly and efficiently.

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