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Reclaim strategic key positions with Innocode tools for Media companies and content providers.

To meet the global competition, newspapers and other local content providers must present their audience with modern services by utilizing existing user habits and new technology.

In order to become relevant, build user loyalty and create new revenue streams, Innocode has developed a portfolio of innovative products. Events, anniversaries, club information, organizations in your local community and superlocal events form the glue in our society. It is not about making something of little relevance to many, but providing content of high relevance to each and everyone. The more relevant content you provide the more valuable you become. All our products have this goal in common.

Innocode’s product portfolio is all white-label. It means customization for your organization where you can name them and label them in any way you want. If you are a local news media, a member of an organization, a local government organization, or any kind of organization providing content, our products will enable you to aggregate, curate, and distribute this content in an easy and user-friendly way.


Take ownership of local events

Aggregate and present events from local and regional organizations. Create high user value and new revenue streams.

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Reclaim ownership of user-generated content

A new way to create value for you, the user and local communities. Collect and present highly relevant content from self-publishing services and content created on the platform.

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User created moments. Presented by you

Highly flexible platform for user created content categories such as classifieds and greetings. Full workflow from creation to submission, moderation, presentation, and monetization.

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The latest news from your predefined sources, all filtered to create higher user relevance.

Today anybody can publish their own content. This has created a rich environment of local content sources that can be aggregated and presented to your audience.

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Offer a tailored and flexible news experience

Create a one-to-one user experience where you can change news' sources, personal filters and menus in seconds, as well as target push messages to specific areas, user interests, and organizations.

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Relevance Panel

Flexible and innovative tool

Finds and optimizes targeted content for specific interests. Compose your micro-verticals from a wide variety of sources and create relevant content through intelligent filtering and personalization.

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Local Offers

Take ownership of offers from local stores and businesses

Swift and super-easy tool to add and aggregate social media content from local stores and businesses.

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A new and flexible self-service content marketing platform

A scalable platform to aggregate, distribute, and present commercial content.

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