Give businesses access to publish directly or automatically fetch content articles from Facebook. You can structure and present in a way that embraces modern media consumption and optimizes the ability to reach audiences with relevant content.

The solution offers a completely new way to invite and scale Content Marketing – build a presentation of relevant content to a region or a niche, give businesses a unique way to present themselves, and provide an exciting new source of recurring revenues.

Landbruksnytt - content marketing

Where Norwegian farmers go for the latest news from the industry
  • The startup mistakes that lead you towards failure

    The road to a successful startup is littered with stumbling blocks. However, some people still manage to succeed. After more than ten years as a development partner for numerous successful startups, we have noticed some missteps that increases the chance of seeing the project as a burning wreck in the digital ditch. Here is our guide for those who want to fail quickly and efficiently.

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