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You run your business, we build your software
You run your business, we build your software
You run your business, we build your software

The most important aspect in any digital product process is understand the value the solution brings to its users.

Development partner

You run your business, we build your software

Since 2010 Innocode's dedicated development team has helped small and large companies with one goal: Build them better. Our business model as a development partner is directly linked to your business model. With Innocode as your partner you have an extra advantage: Scalability.

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From idea to MVP and investment

Innocode Launchpad is a process made specifically for start ups and young businesses. It helps reduce risk and increase the chance for success for start ups looking to develop an MVP or seek investment. The process focuses on building a solid foundation for your digital product or solution so that you are ready and in control of your next moves.

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AntiLoop – a climate tool for children and youth

AntiLoop is a digital tool designed and developed for children and youth. Using data from IoT sensors placed around and inside schools, students get insight into how daily behavior and activities affect the climate around them.

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Sustainable Culture: Green producers Tool

Good for you, good for the environment. Anyone can make a difference in reducing climate change.

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For more than ten years we have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great projects and clients. We have been a part of the ups and the downs, side by side. We have seen one of our biggest Software clients TicketCo, go from five to thousands of daily users. We have helped Green Producers Tool set the stage for sustainable culture, and helped Sandefjord become one of the most modern municipalities in Norway.

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Innocode is a unique company in the sense that we are running our own product department and selling our products globally, but also building digital products for our selected partners and clients. Such an approach is beneficial both for us and for our partners. Because we have a deep understanding of both positions, we continuously learn how to be a better trusted partner.

Valerii Shypunov
CTO og founder

Latest news

  • Custom-built application with no-code

    Innocode offers custom-built applications using the Appfarm no-code platform. This allows us to deliver full-fledged applications faster and more cost-efficient compared to the traditional approach.

    In this article, we explain what no-code is, how it is implemented, and which products have the best outcome when built using no-code.