Where do you go to find information about how to build an app or a digital product? It's easy to get lost in all the digital and technical noise, but we are here to help.

Innocode Launchpad is a 5-8 week process that helps validate your idea, explore associated risks, define technical needs, estimate the cost, and time to market for your digital product. Our overall goal is to help you with the groundwork so that you are ready for your next move - whether it's to seek investment or to build a minimum viable product (MVP).

How we work

We use tested methods that cover key aspects of the product development process. The time spent on each key area depends on the starting point and how mature your business idea is.


Let's work together to reach your goal. The key to a good collaboration is to have fun and share competence.

Market research

What are the risks and opportunities? Market research is essential to identify needs and to ensure that the product has a sustainable future.

Exploring the vision

Tell us about your wants, needs, goals, dreams and aspirations. By exploring potential features we can define what brings significant value to your product.

MVP scope

Based on all the work done so far, defining the minimum viable product might be the most difficult task. The MVP should only include the absolute necessary functionalities needed to introduce your product to the market and test it on real users.


What will some of the elements look like? Prototyping is a way to visualize and test user experience of the most critical functionalities.

Result and deliverables

When the research and discovery process is finalized, we put together a report that you can use on the journey ahead. The report includes:

  • Description of the project vision and high level scope
  • Limitation and risks evaluation
  • Clickable design-prototypes of critical functionality 
  • MVP scope, estimated development cost, timeline (time to market) and team composition recommendation
  • Tech requirements including recommended tech stack, basic architectural set-up and potential 3d-party services

Then what?

Innocode Launchpad is a great starting point. At the end of the process you have identified the core business and risks. You have decided what the first version of your product will contain, how much it will cost and the time to market. 

The Launchpad report is of course yours to keep. We recommend using it when seeking investments or when finding a tech partner to build your digital product. 

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Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool

Innovation Partner

Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool

Innovation Partner

Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool