Innocode is the digital advisor and technical development partner in the Green Producers project aiming to calculate and reduce the CO2 emission from film,TV, festival and stage productions in the Scandinavian market.

Why Green Producers Tool?

The UN climate report is a brutal but necessary awakening and we must all act now!

Based on the Paris Agreement , Norway has also pledge to reduce CO2 emissions with 50% by 2030. If we plan to reach that goal there is no time to waste.

From an idea to a digital tool

With support from the Norwegian Science Council, Innocode together with Babusjka, Øyafestivalen, Den Norske Opera & Ballett, Strix, CICERO and Virke have been a part of developing Green Producers Tool, from Babusjka´s idea to a digital tool.

Green Producers Tool

Innocode has designed and developed the digital solution for Green Producers Tool, a web based tool that guides producers and other users thought the process of logging and calculating CO2 emissions of their productions. By logging activities and emission factors you get instructions on how to create a greener production as well as a detailed report showing the total emission of your entire production. And that is just the beginning!

The goal is to become the market standard for measuring and logging CO2 emissions in the culture sector across Scandinavia.

These are the type of projects that make everyday life at Innocode meaningful and interesting!

Read more about Green Producers tool here.

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