The Challenge

Understanding the impact of daily activities on our environment is a puzzle most of us struggle to solve. We know the basics, like not littering, but achieving a sustainable climate requires more than just recycling. It means reimagining our daily habits and behaviours. What if we could instill these habits from a young age? What if change could be exciting, not invasive?

Antiloop is launched in 10 schools in Helsingborg in November 2023

How AntiLoop Works

AntiLoop breaks the cycle by making climate data fun, engaging, and locally relevant. We bring climate data into the classroom, connecting children with the impact of their actions. Here's how it works:

  • Digital Climate Dashboard: Our interactive platform lets students and teachers access real-time data from sensors placed in classrooms, playgrounds, and other school areas.
  • Monitoring Made Fun: Explore CO2 levels, air quality, food waste, sound levels, solar panel production, and more. Compare data day by day or with other schools to make learning a blast.

Practical and Scalable: We believe in the power of scalability. AntiLoop makes it easy for schools to add new sensors and for educators to create custom dashboards. In just a few minutes, you can build visualizations that captivate your students.

The Impact

AntiLoop introduces a new dimension to climate awareness. It's not just about understanding; it's about experiencing the climate footprint in real time. With AntiLoop, students and teachers can start their mornings by monitoring how traffic affects air quality outside their school. It's not just educational; it's pretty cool!

What's Next

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be ready in September 2023 and will be implemented in 10 schools across Helsingborg municipality in Sweden. Early tests with the municipality and pilot schools have yielded promising results.

Our Dream

Our vision is global. We aspire for AntiLoop to become a tool used by schools worldwide. Together, we can raise a generation of environmentally conscious, climate-savvy individuals who will shape a better future.

Join us on this exciting journey to change the world, one child at a time. Let's make climate action fun, educational, and impactful!

In the panel

  • André Karpelius, teacher in Helsingborg. Initiator and idea-engine, Antiloop
  • Tommy Boije, project owner och city of Helsinborg
  • Nina Snemyr Kringlen - project manager Antiloop - Innocode
  • Bjarte Falck Olsen, Innocode - moderator

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