How to make the abstract concrete?

With an average footprint of 11 tCO2e per person per year, we face significant challenges related to sustainability and reduced CO2 emissions. For many, these concepts and numbers may seem complex and abstract.

In collaboration with Ducky, Bydel Frogner, Oslo municipality, and Innocode, with support from SmartOslo, we have developed My Footprint. My Footprint is an innovative module in the Citizen App that supports residents in making sustainable choices. With an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, residents of Frogner District have a mobile environmental activist at their fingertips. Through My Footprint, the Citizen App becomes a sustainable citizen platform using smart city technology.

We use smart city technology to provide you, as a resident, with insights into your impact on carbon emissions. This includes information about vehicles per household and travel distances using different modes of transportation. Through continuous monitoring, you can evaluate the effectiveness of measures and solutions and be encouraged to make more sustainable choices.

Today, My Footprint provides residents of Frogner District with access to relevant information about sustainable initiatives. By focusing on the needs of residents, we offer personalized content without collecting personal data.

Citizen App in Frogner, Oslo - including My Footprint.

Information - Motivation - Engagement

My Footprint contributes to creating a society engaged in sustainable actions. Teams, associations, and volunteers can join the Citizen App and collaborate to promote sustainable initiatives.

The goal is to reduce the average CO2 footprint per person from 11 tCO2e per year to 3 tCO2e per year by 2030. We are proud to contribute to Oslo's climate efforts by offering innovative solutions. Through My Footprint, with residents as the key, Oslo is building a sustainable future with a reduced footprint and a more environmentally friendly metropolis.

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