In an attempt to enable municipalities with smaller resources and budgets to build their own, strong and separate push channel for citizen/resident communication, we are now launching several opportunities to join the Innocode universe:

The Citizen app – Mini

  • News feed from the municipality's website
  • "Contact us" button for citizen feedback

The Citizen app – Medium

  • Like Mini, plus feeds from the municipality's social media
  • Four buttons/URLs in the app
  • Two data feeds from national data integrations (traffic, water, weather)
  • The municipality's own logo in the interface
  • Targeted content management
  • Push notifications to citizens/residents

The Citizen app – Max

  • Selected data feeds from sensors or open data
  • The municipality's own logo or image as an app icon on the phone
  • Personalized content
  • Event management from external local community sources local in the Innocode Calender service
  • News streams from external local community sources and organizations in the Innocode Community service
Citizen App as a Service

Citizen app – Tailored

  • Separate, dedicated app with all possibilities
  • White label - app launched in the municipality's own name
  • Full access to admin and content updates
  • Access to back-end configuration - Innocode Superlocal
  • Additional data sources and integrations

Individual pricing based on municipality size and functionality needs.

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  • Innocode launches a new Citizen app

    It is almost four years since Sandefjord, as the first municipality in the world, launched Inbyggerapp on Innocode’s platform. Since then, the screens have increased in size, their use has become more advanced and diverse. The experiences and feedback from countless committed customers and users are now materializing in a new user interface, a modernized technology platform, and new opportunities.