Inncode has been TicketCo's preferred technology partner from the early beginnings. Most of the product development team are Innocoders, consisting of project managers, web and mobile developers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers and consultants.

Our journey together is a great example of how we work with our clients to supports their goals, interests and needs. Our team has been scaled up and down continuously to fit TicketCo's needs for new development and support, providing them with safety and predictability in the ever-changing environment start-ups face.

About TicketCo

Ticketco nøkkeltall, 3500 arrangører, 12 millioner varer solgt

TicketCo facilitates both efficient administration of ticket sales for organizers and convenient ticket purchasing for users. They have helped organisers succeed with over 75 000 events, and sold more than 12 million items. Over the years, TicketCo has managed to become one of the leading ticketing solutions in the Nordics.

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For ticket buyers

In order to provide accessible and convenient digital products to event goers and ticket purchasers, Innocode and TicketCo has developed both web-based and mobile solutions for ticket buyers. The web solution provides easy access to browse all events and an efficient purchasing process. Since convenience is key, the solution offers payment with both Apple Pay and credit card.

TicketCo Wallet can be downloaded and installed from your preferred app-store.

For avid users and mobile-app lovers, you can also download the “TicketCo Wallet” app from your preferred app store. TicketCo Wallet is a great tool for everyone, but is especially handy for returning ticket buyers and season pass holders.

For organizers

TicketCo has a lot to offer sport and event organizers, and provides a platform that not only lets you sell your tickets, but also manage financial, analytical and marketing aspects of your business. The overall goal with the platform is to provide organizers with a tool that is easily integrated with the rest of the organization, and that makes the process of being an organiser less complicated, and more efficient. Innocode has developed both a web-based platform and a mobile app for event organizers. The admin solution can be integrated with other tools organizers use daily, and provide a range of functionalities that extend far beyond ticketing sales.

The road ahead

It's been an amazing journey for TicketCo so far, but  this is just the beginning! TicketCo has great ambitions for further development and scaling moving forward. We are grateful to deliver an ever-growing team that ensures predictability and safety at all times, and that can help TicketCo scale further to become the leading player in the digital ticketing market.

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