Short about us

Innocode Innovation Partner builds tailored digital solutions, be it app, web app or other digital solutions. For over ten years, we have been fortunate enough to help small and large customers realize their digital needs. Each collaboration has great intrinsic value for us!

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Dream customer

No two customers are the same. That is why our job is to listen, wonder, challenge, and spar with you as a customer. All with a common goal in mind: To create a digital solution that provides benefits and added value for both you and the end user.

So, what makes some people qualify as our dream customers and others not?

  • We have become so "grown-up" now that we want to use our time and effort to create good and meaningful digital products. Digital products that help make a difference, not only for you, but also for the end users.
  • You have reached a step in the process where you are ready to take your idea to the next step. You are beyond the idea stage, and ready to jump!
  • You have the ability to listen, evaluate and think. Yes, we can make exactly what you want. But in almost all cases that is not the best way to go. Let's create synergy together. A synergy where we can use each other's knowledge, experiences, and ideas to create a kick-ass product – together.

Why we love startups

We live in a world where everything changes – all the time. Digital changes are happening constantly, and we are constantly discovering new ways in which digital solutions can contribute to improving our everyday lives. Be it an app that collects information from your entire municipality, or technical solutions that help reduce the Co2 footprint and ensure sustainable cultural experiences and productions.

And that's precisely why we love startups: We want to help make a difference!

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