As a technical supplier for over 200 customers, we had to quickly evaluate all factors that ensure critical infrastructure and operational reliability. Now, looking back at the last 12 months, we can assess the measures that have been taken. And the conclusion is that deliveries and operational reliability have been as usual throughout the whole period.

Technical operation and hosting environments

Innocode follows "best practices" for server and data storage. For servers and server services, applications storage, codes, and other data, we use cloud solutions from Google Cloud located in the EU. Databases and codes are updated on regular intervals, with extra backups in other cloud services. We conduct security assessments and penetration tests with the help of external security experts and partners - the latest in collaboration with the  Norwegian company Iterasec.

With over 200 customers, in addition to products and digital solutions used daily in the Nordic countries, Europe and North America, continuous uptime is critical for us and all our customers. Strict routines and experience with customers who need systems with up to 500 requests per second require capacity and performance far above the normal needs of most customers and hosting providers.

Our people - in Lviv and around the world

For Innocode, it has been important to stand together with our Ukrainian colleagues – and to ensure their jobs and incomes. During the past year our Ukrainian team has been operational at the same level as previous years, and all projects have proceeded as planned.

When the war broke out, we distributed resources from Lviv to various locations in Europe, and many of our colleagues work from Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. This enables us to ensure normal operation of our environments and products - regardless of what situation may arise. Innocode also has an active and engaged alumni-organization, with former colleagues and friends who want to contribute and support, if the need should arise.

R&D - Research and Development

If the situation is affected by the situation in Ukraine, we will always prioritize the stability and maintenance of existing solutions. However, we are proud to say that in 2022 and so far in 2023, we have carried out more R&D projects than ever before, to strengthen our offerings to municipalities, publishers, and communities. We are not slowing down!

  • In March, a new version of the Citizen App will be launched, with new UX, UI and expanded functionality.
  • During the spring, a new web environment will be launched for Akademiet, Norway's largest educational provider, built on Wordpress & React, including websites for 18 private schools across Norway and a full-scale e-commerce environment.
  • In September, the Green Producers Tool launched a web-based solution that calculates CO2 emissions and helps the cultural sector in Scandinavia reduce and document emissions from productions and projects. Only a few months after launch, major Scandinavian cultural players such as NRK and TV2 Denmark have joined.
  • The "MyFootprint" development project, in collaboration with the Oslo municipality and Ducky, is launched, with contributions from several Nordic municipalities.
  • Our calendar solution, a support product for the Citizen App, has been built in a new version in collaboration with the Stavanger municipality. A version that automatically retrieves nearby events from other websites and collects them in one place. Launching in Q2.

Want to know more?

  • From idea to website

    Creating a new website for your company can be a large and resource-intensive job – a careful strategy with meetings, workshops and analyzes before you can even start designing. Or the project can be made smaller and more concrete. All this depends on the level of ambition, use and resources. Fortunately, there is a solution for every type of project.

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