We care about your product and the end result. It’s important for us that we are a partner who share our knowledge, experience, and provide value in all stages of development. Most importantly, partners have fun together and make each other better.

Normally we work as a part of your team, with the same goal as you. We are not an external partner, although we do not sit in the same office. We are not only a hired resource, although you pay us by the hour. That’s why it’s so important that we really understand what your goals are, what customers needs you’re solving and the market opportunities you see.

Innocode is a unique company in the sense that we are running our own product department and selling our products globally, but also building digital products for our selected partners and clients. Such an approach is beneficial both for us and for our partners. Because we have a deep understanding of both positions, we continuously learn how to be a better trusted partner.

Valerii Shypunov
CTO and Founder

How to use Innocode as your development partner

People matter, it’s that simple. That’s why it’s imperative for us to get to know you, your team and your culture in order to make sure the team we choose fits your needs. Normally we always start the partnership with a pre-project in order to efficiently map the project scope, resources, timeline, and of course, team composition.

Our processes are born from a combination of several tried-and-true methods, and customised to your needs. Therefore we usually decide on the process after the initial workshops when we know you and your project better. Below are some of the methods we use:

Design thinking - puts the needs of the end user at the forefront 

Design thinking let’s the user and subject matter experts define the requirements. The method is creative, goal oriented and can give you a feeling that "anything is possible". However, timelines are often put aside and costs can skyrocket.

Agil - puts rapid delivery of functionality and updates first

We always plan for changes. Working agile provides the opportunity for continous change and rapid fixes to unexpected situations. Used alone, it requires tight-knit collaboration and is best used when the team is small.

Business architecture - puts business needs and constraints first

Focusing on business needs first enables a good understanding of the limitations and real bounderies, as well as it often often leads to an economic analysis. But, it need to be balanced out to avoid narrow thinking. Innovation can also suffer if bounderies are defined too early.

As mentioned, none of the methods are perfect alone, but work well in synergy with one another.

From an idea to a full fledge product!

Custom Development
Innovation Partner
Web App

Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool

Custom Development
Innovation Partner
Web App

Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool

Custom Development
Innovation Partner
Web App

Sustainable culture: Green Producers Tool

How are the design and development methodologies implemented in the process? 

The most common first step in a collaboration is a pre-project to help build context awareness and reduce uncertainty. 


All our pre-projects starts with a workshop, either at the client’s premises or an Innocode office. The overall goal of the workshops are to brainstorm and document as much knowledge about the business domain, context, market and identified hypothesis as possible. 


After the workshops, the team will work iteratively on conducting the business and technical research. We want to identify and validate the core hypothesis of the new digital product. In this phase we usually cover the following areas: 

  • Business model research 
  • Competition research
  • Technological viability research  
  • Risk analysis 

When the core hypothesis is identified, the team will prepare the scope for the minimum viable product (MVP), both in the form of high-level requirements and a set of low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes. It is very important to identify the metrics and scenarios on how the core hypothesis will be validated, so it will be possible to pivot at the right time, if needed. 

Pre-project report

After the pre-project research, Innocode will provide the pre-project report. The report normally includes:

  • Risk analysis report 
  • High-level requirements 
  • Ballpark estimates (we use a flexible model of risk handling in the estimates in preparation for scope changes) 
  • Success scenario and KPI definitions 
  • Team composition 
  • Cooperation model (billing, communication plan, responsibilities of Innocode and the client) 
  • Design
    • Low-fidelity prototype to evaluate interaction flows
    • High-fidelity prototype screens in Figma 
    • Animations and transitions effects, close to the real behavior of the product/service 

Product development with Innocode as your partner

Most clients are eager to get to the product development stage. But we have seen again and again that a good product stems from a solid foundation defined in the pre-development phases. Although a lot of the work for you as a client is done when development start, changes still occur from time to time and we emphasize the importance of regular workshops during the development process.

In the development process we are following standard Agile development methodologies, for ex. Scrum and Kanban. However, our focus is not limited to just writing the code, it’s also on the user-experience, practices on delivering, launching and scaling the product for the market. 

Why choose Innocode as your development partner?

We care about creating success together with our clients. Our business model show that we value long term relationships, not just making money by winning the first bid. We want to grow together with you and you’r project. With Innocode as your development partner we can work together to realize your vision.

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