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Highlights from 2023

  • Sustainability Initiatives in Oslo: Explore the size of your carbon footprint and discover ways to reduce it.
  • World's First Citizen App in Sami - in Kautokeino: Learn about the unique aspects of the app catering to the Sami community.
  • Cold, Beautiful, and App-friendly: Longyearbyen - a Comprehensive Content Strategy Uniting the Community: Explore the strategies used in Longyearbyen to bring the community together. Coming up - early 2024.
  • Quicklinks: Personalized and practical shortcuts for users. Can entirely individualized user interfaces be built based on resident preferences?
  • Multi-app Functionality: Improved target audience app and potential collaboration between municipalities and regions.
  • Universal Design: Focus on accessibility with WCAG 2.1 standards.
  • Real-time Data Showing Traffic on Key Roads in the Municipality.
  • A Glimpse into the New Year: Antiloop + Innocode Citizen app - what happens when we incorporate local climate data into communication with adults in the municipality?

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