In an effort to improve citizen engagement and streamline communication, Västerås introduced "Mitt Västerås." The app allows users to receive personalized push notifications about events, local news, and critical information during emergencies. The city set an initial target of 10,000 downloads for the app.


The response to the app has been overwhelmingly positive. In just two weeks, nearly 6,100 residents have downloaded "Mitt Västerås," and 4,000 users have opted to receive personalized push notifications. The app’s popularity is evident, reflecting its value to the community.

I knew this would be a hit!... In just a couple of weeks, nearly 6,100 have downloaded the app and 4,000 want personalized push notifications about events in their area, interests, and information during crises. This fall, there will be a major campaign, and we hope more people will take notice of the app.

Sara Eklind
Director of Communications, City of Västerås
  • Launching app “Min bydel” for Hyperlocal Engagement in Oslo

    In the vibrant city of Oslo, Norway, an exciting initiative is taking shape. The City of Oslo has introduced the “Min Bydel” (“My Borough”) app a hyperlocal engagement platform aimed at the residents of the city’s 15 boroughs. This app is poised to become the primary information hub for the Oslo residents, offering a direct channel for communication, community engagement, and tailored information about their neighborhood.

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