Based in Trondheim, Polaris Media is the second largest local media company in Norway, with 53 newspapers and other local media companies throughout Norway.

The challenge: Increase submissions with reduced manual labor cost

Polaris newspapers had for a number of years offered milestone greetings like births, weddings, anniversaries etc, and classifieds had been a cornerstone of the local newspaper business for decades. Greetings were growing, but existing solutions were extremely labor intensive. Classifieds, while having fallen dramatically, were also labor intensive.

The solution: Partnering with Innocode for the Milestones greetings service and Classifieds

The highly flexible and mobile-optimized Milestones/Classifieds platform, with simplified workflows from creation to submission, moderation, presentation and monetization and full print integration, made it possible to quickly go from zero to product, while reducing manual work dramatically. The Milestones service was launched with six Polaris newspapers in 2017, and was expanded to 27 newspapers in 2018. Innocode Classifieds was introduced in 2019.

The results: Doubled submissions, new digital revenue and reduced labor costs

Polaris newspapers went from free digital greetings to charging $15 per submission, with staff labor reduced by 90 percent, and a doubling of submissions. Classified submissions are also up dramatically, with similar reductions in staff labor. 37 Polaris Media newspapers now use both services.  

This is all about modern solutions, good integrations between self-service booking, payment solutions and internal advertising and publishing systems - as well as rational workflow and efficiency. Great products, great support, and a great approach to the future working closely with us as customers. We are very happy!

Jan Arvid Gjeldnes
Advertising Solutions, Polaris Media

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