WordPress Gutenberg + Innocode = Opphus' unique CMS

Caset Opphus is large and complex, with several special needs and adapted development. For Innocode, the choice fell naturally on WordPress Gutenberg precisely because it is a CMS tool that does not push you and the website into a box, "like everyone else", but gives you the freedom to create your content with your design and offers great possibilities for special functions.

For those who click on Opphus.no, you will be greeted with a website that

Really presents and showcases the housing projects, check out Tillerenga
Allows you to easily find a dream home, check out Boligvelgeren
It is easy to navigate around

The result in summary sounds very simple, but behind it you will find complex solutions with an enormous range of functionalities. To mention some:

Separate dashboard for the brokers so that they can have an overview of their homes and units in their portfolio. Automated notifications to the brokers every time someone has left information that they are interested in their particular area, which also gives the brokers full control over whether the interested party has been contacted or not.

Creation of housing projects directly from the project pages into a PDF solution. In the customized solution, the admin can feed the desired project information such as: Information sections, images and floor plans, attachments and documents, and more. In principle, the admin can choose which information from the website project should be included in the prospectus, make the desired changes and download a finished prospectus as a PDF.

The housing selector is set up with an automated process. For example: If the status of a unit changes from available to sold, either in the dashboard by a broker or backend by admin, the frontend will automatically update with new colors, unit and project status and which information per unit or for the entire project is displayed frontend. That way, very little administrative work is needed to maintain a project and its entities after launch. 

All created in WordPress Gutenberg.

What features should your website have?

We at Innocode have extensive experience with WordPress, and have had the pleasure of helping to develop many exciting websites in Gutenberg. A CMS should contribute to the efficiency of your value chain. At the same time that functionality, design and content focus are taken care of. No one has the same needs, so each case is unique – and that should also be reflected on your website.

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