create relevance

About us

We are technology and communications professionals who create products and solutions for media and content providers.

Innocode has since 2010 been a digital innovation partner for successful startups and leading media companies who want to build user value, relevance, and new revenue streams through great digital solutions.

Our team of business developers, designers, engineers, and project managers deliver strategic advice, design, and digitalizing of business models as well as development of digital media products and services.

Positive feedback from our demanding clients is what keeps us going!

What we do

It is about new revenue streams. It is about relevance.

In short, Innocode develops media content solutions providing more relevance and new revenue streams. It sounds complicated, and it is, but not for you. Our experience is that the changes that many feel threatened by, in fact also can be turned into opportunities and even solutions to the problems the media industry faces. Based on this insight, Innocode has developed products returning traffic and user involvement back to where it belongs, your own media channels.

Our Aim

In a world full of noise and overflow of information, you must create meaning. It is all about relevance.

To create something new is not the point, to create something new that really makes sense, is the goal. We are all focused on utilizing the new opportunities digital technology gives in-order to create new valuable user experiences and new revenue streams.

Innocode products and solutions are easy to implement and use, even though the technology behind it is advanced. A lot of concern is put into how people act and interact. We can assist in creating, collecting, distributing and sharing content that is relevant in an efficient way.

Global and Superlocal

It is about people and what engages them. It is about relevance.

We think and act both globally and locally and even superlocally. Globally in the sense that we act upon what Facebook and Google do to capitalize on your valuable content and how they build on your success. Locally, in the form of what engages people in your local, national environment and arenas. We want you to take back your position as the local hub and to make more money on your content.  That is why we have developed tools that will put you back in the forefront again.

A world crowded with content

It’s about one thing. It’s all about relevance.

In a world with an overflow of content, how do you get attention? The one and most important point is to be relevant. Take part in the local community by sharing local content.  This has and will always engage members of the community  – no question about it. It is therefore of utmost importance that a few global international players do not take control of this alone. Innocode has created new and innovative ways to aggregate and share this valuable content. Valuable to you by having access to local news and events, protecting your revenues and position as the local hub of content.  Valuable to users by engaging and sharing in the local community.

Content is King – Distribution is the Kingdom

You may define it as content distribution. We believe it is about relevance.

We facilitate content of any kind, whether it is produced in-house or coming from third parties. Local and regional news media, volunteer associations, organizations and even large corporations use our solutions to distribute and curate content to the public, their customers, and users. Our solutions facilitate interaction and engagement providing value to our clients as well as to their users.

Why do you need help from us?

It is a brutal fact that the digital transformation has and will disrupt or even destroy small, as well as large players in the market. We want to make sure that you will not be one of them, but rather flourish from the opportunities new technologies offer. We have worked hard to come up with a range of products that will put you in the forefront – making you relevant and giving you high visibility.

Our team of international experts look forward to do more of what they are best at – to make you relevant and profitable. Welcome to Innocode.